Elemental Support

Have you ever thought about how much rest is built into any workout? These rest periods can be called the “recovery” portion of the training. Every workout is essentially a ratio of work to rest.

In the bigger picture, we can look at how recovery is utilized on a bigger scale. Take sleep for example. We all need and do it because it is the go-to recovery tool built into our organism.

Question is, how do you support yourself when recovery is what you need? Sleep more? Spend time outside? Float? Spend time with friends?

The sun came out this morning while the 9am class was pressing, reminding us of the importance the sun has in our existence. Having a supportive relationship with the natural world and the elements can significantly aid our recover, especially when we need it.

If it’s from a hard workout, a long week at work, and/or inter-relationship challenges for example, fire (sun), water (ocean, float, baths, lakes etc.), air (breathwork), or earth (good nutrition, barefoot outside) will support us most effectively.

Health Implications of “Earthing”



3 Sets:
7-10 BB Z-Press (trying to add weight from last week)

3 Sets:
10-12 Ring Rows (can elevate feet and add weight to make harder)
10-12 DB Floor Press

3 Rounds:
Top of Every 6 Minutes
500/400m Row
400m Run