Sneaky Seamless

Lauren was impressively and seamlessly sneaking under the bar today in her jerk.

The technique Laruen is demonstrating is generally applicable to many movements in CrossFit, especially the Oly (clean, jerk, snatch) lifts.

Lauren uses the stronger parts of her body (hips/legs) to move the bar, while using her skill/speed to get under the bar to lock it out (stacking elbows) so that she can again use her powerful legs to stand it up.

Can you think of other movements this applies to in CrossFit? Using your hips and legs to power a movement.


Can you link this perspective to even gymnastic movements? A hint would be: performing movements where you’re not “muscling” them, but relying on skill/power/positioning to power the movement.

When you’re hollowing and arching, you’re establishing a tight body position where force can more effectively be communicated and integrated through the body, like in a pull up, or muscle up, or?


4 Rounds:
6 Double KB or DB Single Leg RDL/side
4 1 1/4 Strict Press

16 Minute AMRAP:
400m Run
AMRAP UB Hang Clean and Jerk (95/65#)

50 band pull aparts
:20 side plank hold/side x2-3 sets