Come One Come All

Here’s a shot of the 7am post workout. Come join some of these wonderful folks tomorrow (Saturday) while we will host the “Eva” for Eva fundraiser.
Classes will be at 7am, 8:30am and 10am. It is open to anyone and everyone!
Help spread the word!!
Please feel free to hang out afterwards as we will also be celebrating Kyle, Leah and Violet as they head up to Oregon for a while….



3 Rounds:
15 double KB Front Rack Lateral Step Ups/side (20/15"-ish)
:30 AMRAP strict Chin Ups (2020 tempo)
10 DB Side Lying Ext. Rotations/side

15 Minute Ladder:
1 DB Thruster
1 V-Up
1 Box Jump Over (24/20")