Don't Watch This Dave Castro

Hoping Castro doesn’t get any ideas from this…


5 rounds with a partner:
Each round weight of barbell goes up, reps of PC go down. All reps shared and alternating except double unders at the end.
Rd 1 - 
2:00 minutes to get 20 power cleans (53/95) then AMRAP dips the rest of the round.
2:00 minutes to get 4 rope climbs then rest the remainder of round.
Rd. 2 
16 PCs (83/135)
Rd. 3 
12 PCs (103/165)
Rd. 4
8 PCs (123//185)
Rd. 5
2:00 to get 4 PCs (133/205)
2:00 to get 2 rope climbs then AMRAP double unders remainder of rounds.
Score equals total reps of dips and total reps of double unders round 5.