Partner Planning

Priscilla and Sarah working through the single arm DB hang power clean to OH during today’s partner workout. When you have a partner workout like today’s, do you strategize to suit each other’s strengths and weaknesses, or just split the reps half and half? In today’s 9am class there were some cool strategies for such a simple workout. For instance Sarah was rowing a slightly longer distance than Priscilla because she is a slightly faster rower, so if they had split the distance equally, Sarah would have gotten a longer rest while Priscilla’s rest would have been shorter. Kris and Grayson split up the burpees 25/25 BUT they were really smart with how they did it: Kris did 15 (a number where he could keep a really quick pace, but he knew he would slow down right around 15 reps), then Grayson did his full set of 25 (definitely a strength of Grayson’s and he kept a smoking hot pace for all 25 while Kris got a little rest) then Kris finished with a super fast set of 10. I thought it was brilliant!!



Work up to a tough double Deadlift in 5 attempts

4 Rounds:
Every 2 Minutes:
10 Seated DB Z Press
20 V-Ups

With a Partner:
2k Row
100 Single Arm DB Hang Power Clean to OH (50/35#)
50 Burpees over the DB
*Partners can split the work however they desire