Worry Not, The Seeds Have Been Planted

You’ve I’m sure heard the saying, “use or lose it”? It is often applied to fitness and being “in shape.” In other words, if you don’t use it, it’s simple, you’ll lose it. “It” being anything really - strength, cardio, power etc.

It’s the “lose it” part of the phrase that has scientists researching certain neuromuscular capacities that sustain - specifically, the creation of muscle cell nuclei.

Check out this study (shout out to Peter Thibodeau)!
Muscle Memory Discovery Ends ‘Use It or Lose It’ Dogma

Where this knowledge could be very helpful is if you’re ever in the situation where you’re coming back after a long (or short) time off - vacation, the flu, injury etc. The work you put in previously they now know is stored physiologically in the cells you adapted in training.

So, you may feel less strong or not as fast when you come back, but you now have evidence to support and encourage your comeback - knowing that your previous training planted seeds of capacity that sustained - now it’s simply time to show up!

Lauren and Lindsay here working all kinds of nuclei capacities!


Tomorrow we have Rear Delt Flies!!


5 Rounds:
6 Double KB or DB Single Leg RDL/side
4 1 1/4 Strict Press - - looking to use final weight from last week.
*One round every 2 - 2 1/2 minutes

KBS (55/35#)
400m Run after each set
*18 minute CAP