Do You Have Your Back?

Are you sitting down reading this at the moment? Can you sit up straighter?

Unless you’re some modern day mystic, chances are you were “slumping” while reading the previous sentence. It’s also probable that when you read that sentence you say up straighter?

Most of our default back positions involve a rounded upper back with shoulder pitched forward. Can you picture it? This is typically what you see when someone is working on their computer or sitting in a chair. Problem with that is that our body/mind is really good at adapting to patterns, whether it be how you sit, what time you go to bed, what food you eat, or how kind you are - we are constantly re-wiring/re-programming our nervous system. Even reading this sentence is re-wriing your brain in a specific way as we speak

Slight rant there. Point of the story is that if we want to overhead squat as Rami is showing us below, being more mindful of our posture and sitting up straight, or maybe even doing some mobility exercises!?! (see below) will support our ability to keep a nice back angle while squatting - specifically Rami’s upper back (kyphotic/thoracic region) is extending nicely as he squats.



Build to 80% feel of 3 Power Clean + 1 Push Press

3 sets:
20 Weighted Walking DB Lunges (10/side)
5-10 neutral grip pull ups

400m Run
30 OHS (95/65#)
400m Run
60 K2E or T2B
400m Run
30 OHS
400m Run