The Minds Eye

Maybe an overlooked or not very much talked about aspect of learning and performing new skills is mental rehearsal, i.e. visualization.

A big part of being able to perform a particular movement is being able to visualize it in the head peace beforehand. Having an accurate representation of the desired movement in the nervous system can be crucial for learning a new skill.

Chest to bar butterfly pull ups are a movement we see a lot of folks struggling to find the flow or coordination with. If you’re one of those people, or just someone who enjoys watching beautiful movement, feast your eyes on Haley P!


Close Grip Incline Bench Press 4 x 6-8 Reps
Rear Delt Raise 4 x 10-12

Teams of 2:
100 Hang Power Clean (95/65#)
150 Burpees over the BB
200 Calorie Row