Let's Dance

Have you ever thought about programming yourself a workout? Or maybe you’ve been on vacation and had to decide what to do? That point between realizing that you need to come up with a workout and doing it, could be called programming. This process of coming up with “what to do” has many layers, actually an endless amount.

Let’s say you’re traveling for work and you need to figure out a workout to do. First thing that comes to mind is burpees - perfect! Now, what kind of burpees? Traditional get down, get up, jump and clap will work, but if you pause a moment, you may notice many other options come to mind.

There’s types of burpees: burpee box jump, burpee box jump over, bar facing burpee, burpee to target, can you think of more?

Next is deciding reps and sets. 100 sounds like a good volume? Maybe 5 sets of 20, or maybe a descending ladder 30-25-20-25-10, or maybe you want to climb the ladder… Or?

The last variable to consider, and seemingly the most impactful and influential, is time. How do you want to apply time to your workout? 100 for time, 7 minute AMRAP, 20 for time rest 1 minute after each rd - 5 rds, tabata, death by burpee, 15 EMOM for 10 minutes… endless you see?

Now let’s dance - what’s it going to be? It’s your own creativity in action - imagine all the possibilities!

How will you do the burpees? About how many do you think is a good idea/do you plan on doing? I.e. volume. And then the kicker, how do you apply time?

Por ejemplo:
100 burpee to target (touch 6in above reach) FOR TIME.
What’s your workout?

Burpee over DB was chosen by our trusted programmer today. Here is Angela living out that creation!



10 minutes:
Double Power Snatch with 2 sec. pause at knee

KB Alternating Seesaw Press: 8RM/side @ 80% RPE -- so this is a weight that athletes COULD get for 10-12 reps/side

5 Rounds:
2 Minutes On/2 Minutes Off:
15 DB Clean and Jerk
15 Burpees over the DB's
Max Calorie Row