Friend or Foe?

Today’s partner workout was not so partner-y.
Your partner was really your adversary—trying to limit your time and ability to get reps at one of the four stations.



Pair up with partner (adversary):
Sixteen 90-second rounds. During the 90 second rounds one partner will AMRAP one of the four following movements, only while the other rows 175/200 meters (trying to row as fast as possible to limit their adversary’s scoring potential and because fitness!).   They rest until 90 seconds is up then switch rolls. The four AMRAP stations are:
Wall balls (14/20)
Overhead lunge (35/45# plates)
Ring row
Med ball sit up (8)
They are finished once each have AMRAP’d each movement twice and each have rowed 8 times.
Total AMRAP reps for each individual and their slowest row split.