You Take, But Do You Give? Now Let's Cuddle

Here’s a thought experiment - let’s use the shoulder as a metaphor for life - you down? All joints have essentially an inverse relationship when it comes to stability and degrees of freedom or range of motion (ROM). The more stable the joint is (the hip being the most stable) the less ROM it has. Can you guess where the shoulder lies on that spectrum? Yup, the most range of motion and the least stable.

The metaphor starts by thinking about the relationship you have with your shoulder. How much do you demand of it? And how much do you take care of it? Do you feel that is an equal commitment? Or do you feel like your more on the taking side of the equation?

In practical terms this means years of handstand push ups, split jerk, thruster and pull ups, and about 3 minutes across that time of prehab and preventative measures with scapula and/or other shoulder work.
(Side note - there’s no blame here of course, we’re all doing our best with what we have, and what our coaches ask of us - responsibility taken here!)

You see, it’s a give and take kind of situation. In the anatomical universe, our bodies at some point “decided” to give up some range of motion to have more stability, or vice versa. Nature seems to work that way - give and take - no free lunch, you dig?

The point here is to think about your relationship with your shoulder (or any relationship/connection for that matter) - it’s a two way street. Want to split jerk (take) 100 pounds EMOM, then let’s give the shoulder some prehad love by messing with the cross over bands, asking someone for their therabands, asking a coach what the hell that person writing the post about shoulder relationships was talking about, or as is pictured below, cuddle up with a buddy and do some very light side lying external rotations - great shoulder care there :)



10 Rounds:
OTM 1 Split Jerk Starting first round with Empty BB and building to 90% feel for final lift

3 Sets:
10 DB Rows/Side (+ weight from this week)
10 DB Side Lying Ext. Rotation/side

4 Rounds:
4 Minutes On/1 Minute Rest (85% feel for each round)
5 C2B Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats