Easter Hops

I didn’t have a photo for today so I went for a proud mom moment.
This was Izzy, last Wednesday, jumping on the 30” box for reps during a 12 minute AMRAP.



For time:
A 10,9,8,7...1 decreasing ladder where the barbell movement for each rung is determined by the selection of a jelly bean + a secondary movement whose rep amount stays the same for each rung.
Red jellybean = shoulder to overhead (83/135) + 7/10 cal ski erg
Pink Jellybean = ground to overhead + 7/10 cal row
Orange jellybean = deadlift + 40 m prowler push
Yellow jellybean = burpee on barbell clean thruster + 30 double unders
Purple jellybean = squat (front, back, or OH) + 10 cal assault bike.