Best of Luck!!

Today was Michelle’s last day at Central (for a while anyways). Tomorrow she heads out on a new adventure, driving to her new home in Austin, TX. Michelle started at Central in Kelly’s FitEx class, and then quickly impressed us all by doing the Open very early in her Crossfit “career”. She inspired her mom Sylvia to start Crossfit, and now their entire family can often be found at Central, cheering each other on, videoing each other and posting about each other’s accomplishments all over social media.
We will miss you dearly Michelle. But you will ALWAYS have a family and a home here at Central.
We wish you all the best ❤


Tomorrow’s new movements:

Barbell Supinated Inverted Row

Plate Bent Over Row


4 Sets:
6-8 DB Bulgarian Split Squats
10 Unsupported DB Row/Side
10 Side Plank Raises/Side

2k Row
Rest :60
Thrusters (95/65#)
Pull Ups