Lauren was doing a great job today of being quick in the lockout of the push jerk and going slow lowering the DB back to her shoulder. So much good strength building is happening in that slow eccentric!
Speaking of Lauren…. This Saturday will be Lauren’s last day (at least for a while) in the gym before she moves to Reno. Make sure you come in to give her a hug and wish her well.

Tomorrow’s new movement:
Split Stance Deadlift


4 Rounds:
6 Single Arm DB Push Jerk with a 2-3 second eccentric lower per side

2 Sets:
6-8 Barbell Supinated Inverted Rows (3030 tempo)
10-12 Plate Bent Over Rows

3 Rounds:
Top of Every 6 Minutes:
450/350m Row
400m Run