Pop Quiz!

Pop Quiz!
Which set of back squats here is a low bar and which set is a high bar?
Fast forward to the 1:58 mark for the second set if you don’t want to watch someone resting/chatting ;)

If you want to take it a step further, there are plenty of ways one could critique these two sets of three back squat. One thing stands out to me (I’ll write that observation below the workout). Do any come to mind for you? What would you tell this person to maybe improve their squat?


5 Rounds:
Every 2 Minutes:
3 Low Bar Back Squat at 78-83% feel

5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Wall Balls (20/14#)
*Folks can scale UP to 25/20# if they want

12-15 BB curls
12-15 Tricep Extensions

At the bottom of each squat, can you see the barbell is not over the center of his foot? It is maybe the most important aspect of weightlifting, it’s actually everything - where is the barbell in relation to the athletes center of mass? It’s all about manipulating the body to be in a mechanically advantageous position. Having the bar anywhere not over the middle of the foot (when the body is loaded with the weight), is not advantageous.
This person would benefit from working some thoracic extension work, and also ankle mobility - to be more upright so that the bar stays more over the middle of the foot and doesn’t pitch forward Weightlifting shoes could be a good suggestion as well, but it may be helping this persons mobility in the ankles to not squat in lifting shoes, for now.