Are You Peaking?

Did you try the neutral grip pegboard pull ups? A lot of people were looking real strong in this set up. Lesley (pictured below) even took it to the next level and found some tightness through her body by pointing her toes.

I also noticed some people, maybe more naturally, pulling as high as they could - a “peak pull.” Having this approach in many movements can be very beneficial - not just thinking point A to point B all the time.

Strict pull up is a perfect example. We don’t have to stop at chin over or chest to bar, you can work higher and higher pulls until you find yourself pulling to a strict bar muscle up.
If you’re on instagram, check out @colinpgeraghty. He has some insane strict bar muscle ups on there. Gives you some perspective on what’s possible.



Work up to a 90% feel of 3 Power Clean + 1 Push Press in 10 Minutes

3 Rounds:
5-7 Strict Dip
5-10 Neutral Grip Pull Up

Power Snatch (75/55#)