It’s easy to loose sight of where you are if you forget where/what you are coming from. Just a few weeks ago Crystal challenged herself by jumping on an 18” box during one of the workouts. Today she jumped on the 20” for the workout! And not that long ago Lydia was working on getting her first pull ups. Now she’s doing multiple pull ups with the weight of her boot after breaking her leg! These are huge strides for both of these ladies!!

Logan Vanderpool and CF Aptos will be hosting the “Give” workout Saturday, April 20th at CF Aptos. “Give” will benefit the Keala Foundation, which hosts the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run and supports the kids of Kauai. The cost is just $10 and you can sign up for a heat time here.


10 Rounds:
1 Split Jerk
*Building to one heavy rep starting with the empty BB

3 Rounds:
12 DB Rows
10 DB Side Lying External Rotations

5 Rounds:
3 Minutes On/1 Minute Active Recovery:
2 Ring MU’s
4 Burpees
8 Box Jump Overs (24/20”)