Highest Potential

Do you ever think about doing a movement to work towards it’s highest potential, and not just to put a number on the board for the day? For instance, it’s easy, when the workout is weighted pull ups, to load up a good amount of weight and just barely get that chin over the bar. The other choice would be to load up less weight, or even no weight at all, and pull as high as possible for every rep (like Kim is doing here). This “style” (range of motion BEFORE load) will lead to a greater potential within pulling movements. For example, in order to do a strict muscle up we need to be able to pull at least to our sternum before being able to “turn over” on the rings. So if we only pull to chin over, we are, in essence, stunting our own potential.


Connor and Annie are both competing in two separate but huge competitions this weekend. Here are the links!

Brazil: https://competitioncorner.net/events/1795#.XN3VIZNKgU3

Rogue Legends: https://www.roguefitness.com/invitational#/


5 Sets:
2-3 Weighted Pull Ups

3 Rounds:
1= AMRAP Ring MU (-2)
2= :5-:20 L-Sit Hold
3= :20 Arch Hold

4 Rounds:
3 Minutes On/1 Minute Off:
1 Rope Climb
3 Wall Walks
5 Box Jump Overs (24/20”)