Many of you probably recognize and/or know Shari’s client Garet Helms. And if you do, you know that through a lot of hard work and consistency, he has made some amazing improvements in his health and fitness. Here is Garet’s story in his own words…

My name is Garet Paul Helms. I am a 29 year old Crossfit Athlete at Santa Cruz Central. My Coach is Shari Keener. 
With the Encouragement and Coaching of Shari I found the strength to shed 67 LBS from my original weight of 265 down to 198 LBS in the course of over a year and a half of hard work.
I started Crossfit when I was 17 years old with Rob Miller at the small garage unit that Crossfit operated at in 2006, but I was a completely different person at 17. I ended up falling into bad situations, getting addicted to drugs for several years and getting diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis. I got to the point where I was smoking a pack (20 cigarettes) a day, and my life became about chasing getting intoxicated to find my answers to cope with growing up and adult life. I met Shari about years later after Rob and we did a few sessions but I was still not ready to stay sober and put in the work to get better. I decided several years later to email Shari and ask her to train me, but I had no idea that she would become one of my closet friends and that the people at Crossfit Santa Cruz Central would become my community, family, and friends. 

Currently I am a Runner and Jiu Jitsu practitioner. I have aspiring goals to become a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and run Ulramarathon events that range from 50k to well over 100 miles
Take Care Everyone



10 Rounds:
1 Hang Power Clean

Teams of 2:
1 Mile Run (Switching every 200m)
60 Strict Press (95/65#) (Switching every 5 reps)
2k Ski Erg (Switching every :30)
90 Deficit Push Ups (Switching every 5 reps)
300 Double Unders (Switching whenever)