Mucho Midline

When looking at today’s class on paper, my first thought was NOT “midline”. But by the end of my one hour class today my midline was fired up! Between stabilizing my torso on the OHS, and doing what felt like a constant crunch on the KB Front Rack Carry and then trying to stay hollow during my chin ups, my abs were lit up! And then the double KB Front Squats and Shoulder to OH were just the icing on the cake!



4 Sets:
2-3 OHS @ 21x1 Tempo
*Similar weight to last week

3 Sets:
AMRAP Chin Up @ 21x1 Tempo
Rest :10
50’ Single Arm Front Rack Carry/Side

4 Rounds:
20 Pull Ups
15 Double KB Front Squat
10 Double KB Push Press
200m Run
Rest 1:30