More Thrusters?!?...

We have see our fair share of thrusters the past few weeks. Two Monday’s ago we had a workout that involved 5 rounds of 20 unbroken thrusters. Last week we had 75 in row. Today we had 4 sets of 21.
Do you feel like your Thruster “stamina” is increasing due to all of these bigger sets we’ve been doing? Or at least, your willingness to go for some bigger sets is increasing? Or are you just plain sick of Crossfit’s most dreaded movement? ;)
Here’s Kelly this morning, with a controlled and easy looking set of 15.


4 Sets:
4-5 OHS at 21x1 Tempo
*Same weight as last week, just adding volume

2 Sets:
Chin Ups @ 21x1 Tempo (60-70% of last week’s top end number)
50’ Heavy Sled Push

4 Rounds:
21 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
21 Thrusters (95/65#)