Sunday Scorcher

Today’s workout rewarded you (and your team) for getting unbroken reps. Did you find yourself pushing a little harder for UB sets knowing your score would benefit??



20 minute AMRAP:
Split class into two teams:
Four people on each team can work at a time, each at one of the following four stations:
1) 5 DB shoulder press (30/45), then 10 push ups (1 additional point for every 10 unbroken push ups)
2) rope climbs (1 point for each climb, unbroken touch and go)
3) weighted sled pull (one point for each unbroken 30 meter distance)
4) 15 band resistance sit ups, then 5 T-(no throw) sit ups. (1 additional point for every 5 additional unbroken T-sit-ups).
After finishing at a station they get back in line for whichever movement they choose. They get one point for every station they complete, plus additional points if they string set amounts of unbroken reps.