The Ultimate Question

One of the reasons CrossFit is often argued as the best fitness program on the planet, is because it matches any level. Meaning, it doesn’t matter how fit you are, if you push in a workout, the workout will push back equal and opposite.

The assault bike is a perfect example of this phenomenon. There is no “I’m now this fit so it won’t be as bad.” The harder you’re able to go, the harder it (or workouts) will push back. The workouts are always there to meet you where you’re at.

It goes the other way too - if you want to modify the intensity of a workout by decreases the weight, the workout will meet you where you’re at and give you what you need.

And that may be the crux of it and the ultimate question - what do you need? In other words, what serves YOU at the gym? If you’re not sure of what the answer is, maybe think about your “why.”

(Click the photo to move it around a bit)


4 Sets:
6 Back Squat @ 2020 Tempo (70%)
Rest :30
15-20 Single Leg Hip Thruster/side
Rest :60-:9

4 Rounds:
Every 3 Minutes
10/8 Cal Ski Erg
10 DB DL (50/35#)
100' DB Walking Lunge (50/35#)
Rest 3 Minutes
Teams of 3:
Max Cals on AB in 5:00 rotating every :20