Meet Rodney!

Not sure if you’ve had the pleasure to meet one of our newest members, Rodney, yet. If not, here he is! Him and his partner Rachel are traveling nurses from Florida and in the area for a few months, so they joined Central! Please make sure you say hi and introduce yourself to them!



20 minutes AMRAP:
Unbroken set of push press (83/135) and/or front squat (83/135). Athletes clean the bar to the front rack then do as many reps of PP and/or FS in whatever order they choose, with the set ending when the barbell is set down.
Depending on how many reps they completed they then run the following distances:
0-5 reps - 800 m
6-10 reps - 600 m
11-15 reps - 400m
16-20 reps - 200m
21-25 reps - 100m
26+ reps - 0
Then, athletes complete the same number of reps of ring row that they completed with the barbell before starting a new round.
The score is the combined completed reps of push press, front squat, and ring rows.