Push 'Em and then Clean 'Em

Today’s workout was a clean and jerk ladder; with a twist!
First you had to push the plates on the prowler and then you had to clean and jerk them… BUT you didn’t have to clean and jerk them all at the same time (BRILLIANT) as long as each plate got it’s proper number of trips from the ground to overhead!



For time:
Rd. 1)
50 ft prowler push (pair of 5’s/10’s)
Transfer plates to barbell and do 10 clean and jerks.
30 GHD sit ups
Rd. 2)
Prowler with previous weight and a pair of 10’s/15’s.
8 clean and jerks with all the weight from the prowler (each of the plates have to be clean and jerked 8 times. That can be a set of 8 with all the plates at once or a set of 8 with the 5’s and and set of 8 with the 10’s).
25 GHD sit ups.
Rd. 3)
Prowler with pairs of 5,10,15#/ 10,15,25# plates.
6 clean and jerks, above weights.
20 GHD sit ups.
Rd. 4)
Prowler with 5,10,15,25/ 10,15,25,35# plates.
4 clean and jerks with above weights.
15 GHD sit ups.
Rd. 5)
Prowler with 5,10,15,25,35/ 10,15,25,35,45# plates.
2 clean and jerks with above weights.
10 GHD sit ups.