Deep Dive Into The Why - Part 1

We’ve talked a lot on here about finding your “why.” More specifically, why do you train?

I listened to a fascinating podcast yesterday that really helped me with this question, maybe taking the premise a little deeper.

I invite (actually highly recommend) you all to listen to this podcast. It’s about an hour long. I listened to it while doing other things, but if you can, you’ll get significantly more out of it if you give yourself undisturbed space and time to sit and listen - there’s a couple pieces where she guides a meditation.

It’s not about training or CrossFit specifically, but the concepts directly apply really to anything we spend time doing. I’d love to know what you think!
(Side note - if you’re allergic to new-agey type discussions, I hope you can bare with it through the end and see what comes of it!)

Tomorrow we’ll have a post that applies some of the ideas of the podcast to training.

Podcast click here
Website with video click here

Korrine and Carmen working on the single-leg squats.



4 Sets:
5 BB Front Rack Reverse Lunges/Side
3 Box Negative Pistols/Side
*Standing on a box control lower (2-4 seconds) and then stand up with working leg (if possible) or use other leg for help if needed. Key is the negative and proper leg alignment

5 Rounds:
1=200/150m Row
2=20 Air Squats
- Rest 2 Minutes
7 Minute AMRAP:
Double Under
Sit Up