Deep Dive Into The Why - Part 3

(If you haven’t already, you may want to go back to the two previous posts - Part 1 & 2 - before reading this one. If you don’t, you’ll probably still be able to get the gist :)

Alright, so what happens when someone gets to the core of their wanting?

To take a step back a bit, why is it wanting, grasping, or attaching to a goal (let’s say achieving a 200lb clean and jerk) ultimately unsatisfactory? It’s because soon after we achieve that mark, we realize the impermanence of the pleasure or satisfaction.

Because of the fact of impermanence, nothing “out there” can ever truly fulfill or satisfy us. To think that there is some level, some weight, some house that will make us feel truly successful, accomplished, or at peace with who we are, is simply fools gold.

We live in a reality of constant change. Nothing lasts or sustains, so how can we expect some achievement or number to provide anything of lasting fulfillment? Choose the most delicious food you can think of, and keep eating. How long before you can’t stomach the smell of it? 10 minutes? 5 minutes?

When we realize we’re chasing shadows when we base our lives on attaining some external object or goal for our own peace, it frees us from the attachment that creates the suffering. And what is left? It is described as a coming home of sorts. We remember who we are. There is nothing to do, achieve, or accomplish. We are already whole exactly the way we are. It isn’t possible to add to what we already are, because we are already complete.

Some people may say, “if people don’t have any goals or wants, then nothing will get done.” That’s actually not the case. The point is that from this place of understanding, we make truer more fulfilling chooses.

To tie it to CrossFit - and this is where the beauty (an the “why”) comes in - functioning from this place of not wanting, we may sink into a peaceful, accepting and loving state, and from that joy, performance excels.

And that’s the “why”, because it’s an opportunity to demonstrate and feel what we love - community, sweat, hard work etc.

An aside - I understand the content in this 3-part series is a far cry from most CrossFIt blogs, but I hope you see (or even feel) the intention. Thank you for taking the time - I’d love to hear your thoughts - hit me up :)
CLICK HERE for fascinating podcast discussing (in much more coherent ways) similar ideas.

Speaking of beautiful, Lydia sure knows how to demonstrate a well crafted toe to bar.



4 Sets:
5 Single Arm Push Jerk/Side (1 Second pause in catch and 3 second lower focusing on good shoulder position)
10 Double DB Bent Over Row @ 2020 Tempo
:20 Side Plank Hold/Side

Teams of 3
3 Rounds:
70 Calorie Row
60 Cal Ski Erg
*Break up reps however