There’s a categorical perspective that recovery is separate from training.  You train, and then you recover - two individual parts.

There’s another perspective, and I would contend a more accurate one, that recovery is not part of anything, it is the thing - i.e. recovery is training.  You simply can’t have one without the other.  It’s our intellect that plays its role by separating something into parts.

It’s very similar to the sentiment that we are “part” of nature.  What about, we are nature?  I.e. we are not part of anything, we are the thing.  

Separating ourselves from what we are is a tragic misconception for nature (us) and training.  For a training program to function optimally, we need to consider the whole picture, which for this post, is about understanding our connection with nature (ourselves) as the most effective training/recovery tool we have (are).

When was the last time you spent more than 20 minutes barefoot outside?  Top of my head I can’t think of when for myself.  Well it turns out [and for all the “woo” spitters, it’s science now so find another case :)] there are ungodly amounts of benefits to the “earthing” practice of spending time barefoot outside.

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What is happening with Grayson and Annie here on the way down of their burpees?  And even Kelly on the way down of her DB DL?  In exercise physiology it’s called the “relax” phase of the “contract/relax cycle” of movement.  The recovery phases are integral to being able to perform a movement.  Even in something like the assault bike where it appears to be an all on contraction, there are actually muscles contracting and relaxing the whole time. 
Crystal on the cover shot :)


5 Sets: 3 OHS @ 1111 tempo

3 Sets:
10 Single Leg Hip Thruster/Side (back on ground, foot on bench for these)
20 Banded Face Pulls

Teams of 2
15 Minute AMRAP: (Waterfall style)
10 DB Deadlifts (50/35#)
10 Burpees to a plate
10 Box Jump (step down) (24/20")
*You can't begin the next round until your partner finishes the Box Jumps, They begin once you finish the DB DL