Photobucket Japanese Red cross respond for disaster relief, we would like to as well. All profits go to the Red Cross. Workout:

400m run 2 rounds 21 KBS (24kg/16 kg) 12 pull ups 400m run 15 OHS (115/83) 400m run 2 rounds 9 thrusters (115/83) 9 pull ups



OK! the format has been set! There will be 5 mini workouts. Buy in and for every workout you get a chip. When you complete the workouts you will trade in you chips for a hand of card hand will rank you....Unless you would like to purchase another card to get a better hand! If you don't want to do all the workouts, you can purchase more cards to get a hand and do fewer workouts. There are some great prizes including gift certificates and free one on one sessions with our fabulous trainers!!! The games will be played between 8-10 am....see you there!!!! can donate all day!