Good Clean Fun.....

Susan is creeping up on some Masters records, cleaning 118 Workout:

400m run 21 KBS (24/16kg) 9 Chest to bar pull ups 50 double unders 15 Cleans ( 135/95#) 50 double unders 21 KBS 9 Chest to bar pull ups 400m run


Clean and Clean Variations:

Clean= from the deck to full front squat

Hang Clean= From the hang position to full front squat

Power Clean: From the deck receiving with the knee joint greater than 90 degress ( high landing )

Hang Power Clean: Same as the power clean but from the hang position.

How to remember:

The "clean" is ALWAYS from the ground to front squat. Adding the word "squat" or "full"  is redundant.

If the word "power" is there...the squat is greater than 90 degrees in the receiving position.

If the word "Hang" is there it means it is hanging from your arms and not on the deck.