Wing Ding

Photobucket Who are these hicks? One of them placed 2nd in the annual "Wing Ding" cook off with some HOT wings.


The following is to completed as a team of two: Partner A does as many reps of the 80 wall balls as possible for 30 seconds while Partner B does the corresponding static hold, then both partners rest for 15 seconds. Partner B then does the exercise while Partner A does the static hold for 30 seconds, followed by a 15 second rest.  This continues until all the reps are completed.  The teams can start right in on the next exercise at the beginning of the next work period or rest up to two minutes before beginning the next movement.  A five burpee penalty is assessed to the team if the static hold is broken during the 30 seconds of work (max of five burpees per exercise) to be completed at the end of the workout.

Exercise:                                   Static Hold: 80  Wall Balls (14/20)                  Static Squat 40  Pull Ups                                Pull Up Bar Hang 50  HSPUs                                  Overhead Plate Hold (25/45) 100 Sit ups                                 Plank 40 HPC (25/35)                           DB Farmer Hold (25/35)

Each partner alternately completes a 200 meter row Each partner alternately completes a 200 meter run Penalty burpees