Little Prowler...

Tara's son Rocco pushes the prowler with her daughter Carmella cheering behind...lookout in a few years!

Fun is an important factor in our activities! Kids embody this best.


3 minutes ON 1 minute OFF

-AMRAPs of-

Round 1: 9 Deadlifts (135/95) 9 Push Ups

Round 2: 6 Power Cleans 6 Clapping push ups

Round 3: 3 Power Clean & Jerk 3 Burpee

-same barbell for each round -score total reps for each round


Modern Training by Mark Sisson. (article)

Crossfit Santa Cruz will be hosting a one day powerlifting clinic with Mark Bell on Saturday, August 27th. It's from 9am-4pm and the cost is $100. To register click here.