Sunday regular and powerhouse: Stacy.

PhotobucketWorkout: WOD: 15 minute AMRAP: Start with 1 rep of pull up, 1 rep heavy KBS (53/70), 1 rep modified hand stand push up (HSPU) from  a box. Then do 1 pull up and 1 knees to elbows (K2E) without dropping from bar, 2 KBSs, 2 HSPUs. Then pull up/K2E/pull up, 3 KBS, 3 HSPUS.  Continue adding one rep until you fail.  When you fail, run 100m, then start over at 1 rep for each movement. Each time you fail you run 100m farther than the previous run and start back at 1 rep. At 15 minutes, finish the round you are working on and the next run.

Cookie: Tabata sit ups.