Team Stacy!

PhotobucketHappy Birthday Stacy! Fab at 50!!! Workout: For Time: Clock starts - 200m run as a team Once all team members are back begin working on:

A total of 50reps/person/exercise of:

Double unders Overhead Lunges (25#/45#) Medball situps (8#/12#) Wallballs (14#/20#) Calories on the rower

Reps for each exercise for the team = the # of team members x50 Each exercise must be completed before moving on to the next Work can be divided any way the team wants but Only ½ the team may work at a time Team members may help each other complete reps

Every 5 min all work stops and the whole team completes a 200m run Once all team members are back – pick up working where you left off breaking again for a team 200m run every 5 min until all reps are completed