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Three Rounds - 1st round, women start with a 15 lb. dumbbell, men with a 25 lb. dumbbell, 2nd round start with a 20/30 db, 3rd round start with 25/35 db. First Round - 6 minute AMRAP of: 6 dumbbell hang power snatches (3 each arm), 4 overhead lunges (rt. arm), 4 weighted step ups, 6 hang power snatches, 4 overhead lunges (lt. arm), 2 weighted pull ups/ or 10 second weighted bar hang, run 50 meters. After each time through the AMRAP increase weight of dumbbell by 5 pounds. After the first round, max rep push ups (stop a few reps short of failure) rest 2 minutes. Second Round - 5 minute AMRAP of the above movements, starting with a db five pounds heavier than the first weight used for round 1. After second round, do half the number of push ups you did between rounds 1 and 2 then rest 2 minutes. Third Round - 4 minute AMRAP of the above movements, starting with a db five pounds heavier than first weight used for round 2.

Cookie: 100 double-unders for time.


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