Another Beastly Sunday

Check out the Sunday crew going at it.


Teams of two:  Partners start on opposite sides of the gym.  One side of the gym is a kettle bell swing (KBS) station, the other side is a burpee dumbbell clean (BDC) station.  The teammates start with one repetition (One does 1 KBS, the other does 1 BDC) then both switch sides after each completes the rep.  Then they each do two reps (one does 2 KBS, the other 2 BDC) then switch sides when both have finished.  Then three reps each, switch, etc. until they finish ten reps. Then 100 double unders and 100 ab-mat sit ups between the two teammates. Partners then go back to the stations, each starting on the opposite side that they began the workout.  This time they start with ten reps, switch, nine reps, etc. until they get down to one rep, all for time. Prescribed weights: KBS - (53/70), BDC - (25/35)

Programming: Josh

Jeff Martone Turkish Getup