It's All About the Elbows

PhotobucketJoaquin Aranda with a nice bar position gets ready to front squat. The front squat is all about the elbows. Ideally your upper arm will be parallel to the ground during the entire squat. This keeps your chest up, weight back and places the bar over the middle of your foot, all things allowing you to stay balanced and recruit the stronger muscles of the posterior chain. If you let the elbows drop during the squat, the bar will follow and so will your body, creating an inefficient position to complete the lift. Simple check point... if the bar is choking you in your setup, keep it there and you're ready to squat. Workout:

Front Squat: 1-1-1-1-1

3 rds:
2 min. running clock:
10 Wall Ball buy in
15 KBS
10 Push Ups
1 min. rest.
Score is total reps of KBS and Push Ups
Programming: Annie