Photobucket Great photo of Rashmi and Jim before Rashmi is back off to India. If you've ever seen her workout you know how hard she works, a true inspiration. Her hard work and inspiration go far beyond our gym. Rashmi is the mother of 65 orphaned children at Sri Ram Ashram, an orphanage in India. Sri Ram Ashram schools 500 children, serves as a charitable medical clinic and is a registered crossfit affiliate! You can donate or purchase 'Lifting Dreams', a documentary about Sri Ram Ashram (all procedes go directly to Sri Ram Ashram), by clicking either link below. Those hard working tones that can't be mistaken will be missed! Safe travels! Donate 'Lifting Dreams'


2 min med ball situps for reps (8#/12#)

400m run at 60%

2 min Knees to elbows for reps

800m run at 80%

2 min Star Situps for reps

800m run at 80% - try to match your last time

2 min plank hold – record time if don’t make it to 2 min

200m easy run

Then For time:

½ reps for medball situps, knees to elbows, and star situps

Right into ½ time completed for plank hold

Programming: Helene