Some Day That Sunday

Last call for the current round of whiteboard PR's. Thanks Amenah and Dwayne, I received your impressive numbers and they will go up on the board. If you are not sure if your PR's are board-worthy send them to me anyway and I'll let the spreadsheet decide. Excel already spit out my 95 pound overhead squat. Data can be sent to me at Thanks!

P.S. Youtube didn't allow my musical selection for the video (copyright issues) so just imagine Kenny Loggin's "I'm Alright" in the background. -Josh


At the end of the warm up each athlete will find their best 500-split time on the rower (should happen within 10 pulls) Three Rounds: Round 1: As a team of two row 1K with one teammate rowing at a time.  Each rower has five pulls to get their 500 split to within 10 seconds of the split they established at the end of the warm up. They can continue rowing as long as their 500-split does not drop lower than 10 seconds of the established split.  Once the split drops below the allowable pace the partners switch positions. The other teammate can work towards a shared 30 reps of double-unders using a heavy piece of rope while the other rows.  Once the 30 du's and 1K row are completed they both go right into a max rep bench press (105/185). Rest 3 minutes Round 2: 200 M Prowler push.  One teammate pushes and one pulls with a canvas strap harness.  They can switch positions as frequently as they want.  Immediately after 200 M both athletes go into a max rep bench press at a lower weight (100/155). Rest 3 minutes Round 3: Same row/double-unders as round 1 then directly into a max rep bench press with a lower weight (95/135).

Programming: Josh

Team Captain/Volunteer meeting this Monday, October 17th, 7pm @ CF West.

We are CLOSED for all classes on Saturday October 22nd