Benny Boy, Nancy and Taper

PhotobucketDug this one out of the archives, Mr. Ben Rezentes and his other half always make it a good time. Ben even maintains good upper body positioning in that free shmedium T he's got. A main focus point in that positioning are his shoulders, and whether or not they internally rotate during the squat. Ben shows good maintenance of that external rotation in his upper arm down to the bottom of the squat, where it gets most demanding to keep that position. How can you tell?  The armpits will be showing during the entire squat when the shoulders are externally rotated. This externally rotated position is ideal for generating torque (translates to power) and is also the most stable and secure spot for the shoulder.  With internal rotation the shoulder moves away from that stability and force generating potential and into an area of compromise.  When weight is overhead, an internally rotated upper arm relies on the soft tissue of the anterior shoulder for support, and the load overhead depends on that shoulder to support it, not a good combination. If you have trouble keeping the armpits shown during the overhead squat, just take it as far as you can and work the correct positioning little by little. And soon enough you'll be lucky to look like Ben here. Workout:


5 Rounds:

400M Run

15 OHS (65/95#)

Programming: Eva

For all of the Affiliate Cup participants, if you have not already (good on ya if you have), now is the time to start taking it easy in the gym, taper.

We are CLOSED for all classes on Saturday October 22nd