The Cool Kid in Town

The Prowler is pretty in right now. Have you tried the straight arm push? The bent arm technique? Which one do you like, or which one feels more effective? The bent arm position seems to make more sense. If your arms are bent and you're leaning in with your upper body, it puts your chest and shoulders in a loaded position (meaning stretched and with the potential to contract or create force), similar to the bottom of a bench press. The straight arm technique is more like the end of a bench press at lock out, there is no more chance to create force with the upper body in the desired direction. It is obvious that the majority of work in a Prowler push comes from the legs, but the upper body can play an important roll. If you want that help from the upper body, you have to give it the opportunity by putting yourself in a loaded position. No one cooler than the Prowler right now. Check this guy out in the video move some weight, pretty impressive. Workout:

5 Rounds:

5x 1 Clean Thruster + 2 Front Squat (65/95)

15 KBS

After - 3 x 30 meter Prowler Push (90/180)

Programming: Tara

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