Stay in Line

PhotobucketHuman movement is all about your center of mass (COM). When lifting any weight the most ideal place for that weight to be is in line with your COM, which can also be thought of as your balance point. Any deviation away from the COM requires your muscles to do work to bring the weight back to where efficiency is obtainable. If you have ever done an overhead squat you can understand this concept. An overhead squat is all about keeping the weight directly over your COM, where it is balanced. If you let the weight get away from where it is in line with the COM, you'll have to do more work to get it back to the balance point. Rami shows this well at the top of his kettbbell swing, everyhting is in line and little work is being done to hold that position. Next time you are overhead squatting, think about that, is there a sweet spot you feel when you are squatting? If you feel it, stay there, you're in line.


AMRAP 7min:

1 rope climb

5 burpees

10 wtd lunges (35/25)

20 double unders

2 rope climbs

10 burpees

15 wtd lunges

30 dbl unders

3 rope climbs

15 burpees

20 wtd lunges

40 dble unders

4 rope climbs

20 burpees

25 wtd lunges

50 dbl unders

Work through the above list until you run out of time on a 7 min. clock

Note where you finished in the list

Run 400m

Start where you finished and work backwards for time or 7min whichever is shorter

Programming: Helene

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