Three for Three

PhotobucketAnother one to remember, what a day. Congratulations to the 50+ Master's team who are bringing it home again this year! The mature AND mighty team of Lieutenant Marshall, Sab the Sav, Sugah, The Bod, Master P(google it), and Helene the Machine. Amazing job you guys! And what can you say about CFSCC 60+ team who also ended up on top in their division, Bill Licker, Jim Baker, Judy Sakamoto and Rosemary Sarka, outstanding job!All the teams of CFSCC represented so well the entire day, every single person competing looked like they were there to have a good time, and that's what it's all about. Congratulations to you guys, and to all the teams who competed. Big thanks to Sam and Cliff of Crossfit West for all their hard work, until next year!