PhotobucketMatt shows good position in his dumbbell front squat. The hamstrings in the squat play an important role of controlling the decent by eccentrically (lengthening) contracting. This lengthening actually creates more tension when contracting, as compared to the concentric action, which is a shortening contraction (the quadriceps in knee extension). The increased tension associated with an eccentric contraction predisposes the muscle to more damage and soreness. It explains why GHD sit ups and knee to elbows can create such an intense soreness (think about how stretched the abdomen is when hanging from the pull up bar and in full range of motion GHD sit ups). The lengthening contraction involved in the GHD sit up and knee to elbow is extreme and why extra thought should be given to them. For example if you are new, if you've taken some time off, if there is a workout with a lot of reps and you have not done those movements in a while, give it some thought, ask the trainer, maybe take a few reps out. If given some thought and approached with a basic understanding, movements like the GHD sit up, that have intense eccentric loading, can be of great benefit.


4 rounds:

1 min Power Snatch (95/65)

30 sec rest

1 min Knees to elbow

30 sec rest

1 min wall ball (20/14)

30 sec rest

1 min Gasers – 10m

1 min rest

Record total reps per round

Programming: Helene

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