Day 1

PhotobucketCoral and Mark mid flight. Today was the first day of our new 7 week "Focus Point" cycle.  If you weren't in the gym today or are curious about the new programming, don't hesitate to ask a trainer. For those of you who requested it be posted on our cite, that should be up within the next couple days.  Great job today everybody, we look forward to seeing where this new approach takes us. The question comes up a lot, should I step on a high box or jump on a little one? It's not an obvious one because distance is a big part of determining work and then power, and the step up is higher so it seems like it could be more beneficial? And jumping on a smaller box can seem like not enough work for the same reason, not enough distance being covered. As stated in a previous post, time is the most influential variable in determining power output. Faster means more power. You move faster on a jump than a step so the jumps got the step up beat on that one (may be reason enough to jump instead of step). But it still may not be an obvious determination because the distance of the step up.   It turns out we are not just concerned with the distance and time of this movement, but also how you achieve that velocity, i.e. motor unit recruitment. A motor unit is a motor neuron (skeletal muscle must be simulated by a motor neuron to contract) and the muscle is innervates. The concept of motor unit recrutitemnt says that for stronger and stronger contractions, more and more motor units are recruited, or stimulated to contract. The number of motor units required to jump your body onto a box is more than that of a box step up because a stronger muscular contraction is required. And that is what we are after; stronger muscular contractions that generate increased force for power output, which lead to more favorable neuromuscular adaptations. So if you are able to jump on a box, even though it may be a little lower than the step up option, lean towards using the smaller box.



3 Rounds:

500m Row

12 Deadlifts - Body weight

21 Box Jumps (24/20in)

Programming: Gary