Limiting Factors

PhotobucketThere are a lot of limiting factors that can come up in training. Some of these factors can come from mobility issues, previous injuries or lack of strength. The safety squat bar that Robert is squatting with here takes away his range of motion limiting factor, which is supporting the bar in the front rack position. Although he will not stregnthen that front rack position by using this bar, he is still stregnthening the primary movers of the squat, which is more important in this situation.Another example of this is the use of straps in lifting. A lot of lifters use straps in training because grip stength can be a limiting factor. The straps eliminate this factor and allow more weight to be moved, in turn strengthening the primary movers more effectively. This does not mean training should avoid limiting factors (obvious need for grip strength in barbell pulling movements), as they need to be trained, there are just times and situations where it is useful to eliminate what is limiting.


Front Squat 3RM or 5RM

then, running clock:

400m run

3 Knee to Elbow - 3 Push Up

6 Knee to Elbow - 6 Push Up

9 Knee to Elbow - 9 Push Up.. 8 minute mark, 800m run for time.

Start with a 400m run, complete ascending ladder as far as possible until 8 minute mark, then right into 800m run.

Score is reps and 800m time

Programming: Gary

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