What Goes Up Must Come Down

PhotobucketIs Angi going up or down? Workout:

Partner Workout

Part One:

Dumbbell Push Press (25/35#) 21-21-15-15-9-9

Calorie Row 

-The amount of time its takes your partner to complete push press, complete calorie row.  Continue through until each have done 21-15-9 push press.  Immediately into 600 meter relay.  Partner 1 runs to the 100m mark and waits.  Once partner 2 sees partner 1 get to 100m mark, partner 2 runs to 100m mark.  Then partner 1 runs to 200m mark and so on until 600m is completed.  Whole thing for time, also score calories rowed.


Part Two:

100 dumbbell lunges (25/35#)

15 Rope Climbs

Complete lunges and rope climbs any how.  Immediately into 200m DB farmer carry (25/35#).  All for time


Part Three:

4 Rounds or 4 minute running clock..

30 seconds ring row

30 seconds hang clean (25/35#)

Partner 1 starts at ring row, partner 2 at cleans.  Alternate back for 4 minutes.  Score total ring rows and cleans completed.  Immediately into a 400m run for time.  One person has to be running backwards at all times.

Programming: Gary