Series Elastic Component

PhotobucketKalae Miles mid-stride pulling some good weight. The other day we discussed the muscle spindle and stretch relfex, one part of the stretch shortening cycle. The other part is the series elastic component (SEC). The muscles are involved but the tendons are the main player in the SEC. When the muscles and tendons are stretched in an eccentric (lengthening) contraction, like in the dip of a box jump, energy is stored in those tissues, just like an elastic. This stretch, similar to the stretch reflex, must immediately be followed by a concentric (shortening) contraction (jump in the box jump), in order to add force to the movement. If there is too much time between these two actions (staying in dip of the box jump for too long) then the stored energy dissipates and is lost as heat. That is why when we talk about 'dip - drive', the drive has to immediately follow the dip.


Prowler Pull 5 trips (50 meters)

Weighted Pull Up 5-3-2-2-2

3 Rounds:

30 seconds max KBS (heavy)

30 seconds max pull up

400m run

2 minute rest

Use the reps completed in 30 seconds of each KBS and pull up of first round for 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Score total time.

Programming: Gary

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