When Are Gains Made?

Another fun looking Sunday workout. When are gains made from training? Is it during or after a workout? When you do a heavy lift, when do you make the favorable adaptation from that lift? In other words when do you get stronger, during or after the workout? Workout:

For time: 10,8,6,4,2 - Start with 10 reps of everything below, except the rope climb, which remains at one rep for each round.  After 10 reps, run the agility course then start over with 8 reps, run the agility course then 6 reps, etc:

Rope climb (only 1 time per round), dumbbell bench press (35/45), Clean (83/115), GHD sit ups, pull ups, push ups, DB HPC (30/40), Abmat sit ups. Agility course (100 m zig-zag).

Programming: Josh

Christmas Party this year is the 9th of December at the Point Chophouse, 6:30p.m.