Patience Attains the Goal

PhotobucketGreat picture. Congrats to Frank for getting his first, second and third rope climbs today! Frank has come a long way since the Saturday 10a.m. class. He has eased into the process, starting off with one day a week, then two, three and now he is an unlimited member and doing amazing. It is hard for people at first to have this "ease into it" mindset. Crossfit is an amazing program that can spark a powerful enthusiasm. This eagerness if not restrained at first could lead to overdoing it. Ask anyone who has been Crossfiting for years and they will tell you the ease in to it approach, as Frank is demonstrating, is more effective, efficient and beneficial for progression and health in the long run. Patience attains the goal. Workout:

200m Run / 400m Run / 600m Run / 800m Run                                                Or / And 250m Row/ 500m Row / 750m Row / 1 k Row

*After each round complete following   15 WTD Lunges 20/30     7 Dips (weighted option)    15 WTD Step Ups (13" box)    10 Ring Push Ups   1 or 2  Rope Climbs

Programming: Tara

‘Tis the season for a Christmas Party, The Point Chophouse Friday December 9th 6:30p.m. is the place to be!

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